Hi, welcome to my portfolio.
I am a passionate programmer and artist who is inspired by the possibilities of combining coding, geometry and sound design.
Much of my work uses an experimental approach. I enjoy creating work which would be impossible without digital technology, but is inspired by science and nature.
Over the past 10 years I’ve been working with a variety of programming languages, including JavaScript, PHP, Python. I have worked for several well-known web agencies including Redweb and Blubolt and have carried out freelance work for clients including Microsoft and Facebook.
A selection if clients I’ve had the pleasure of working with:
  • Server Side: PHP, Laravel, Symfony, Python, Node
  • Front End: JavaScript, React, VueJS, CSS3, HTML5
  • Web 3D: WebGL, THREE.js, GLSL
  • 3D: Blender, 3DSMax, Maya
  • Server: Nginx, Apache, AWS, MySQL
  • Mobile: XCode, Swift, React Native